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COVID-19 Vaccination

Rhode Island is vaccinating people against COVID-19. People are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination in Rhode Island based on Rhode Island’s vaccination timeline and if they live, work, or go to school in Rhode Island. To get vaccinated, you must confirm you are part of an eligible group, either online or over the phone when booking.

To get vaccinated at a State-run site, please go to or call 844-930-1779.

Go to to learn how to get vaccinated through a pharmacy or through a local or regional site.

Rhode Islanders can now get a copy of their COVID-19 vaccine record through

COVID-19 Treatment

Rhode Island now has a doctor-recommended treatment for COVID-19 that's fast, easy, and highly effective. If you test positive for COVID-19 and are 65 or older or have an underlying health condition, immediately call your healthcare provider and ask about treatment. The earlier you start treatment, the more effective it is.




Social Gathering Size Updates

Social gatherings are now limited to two households indoors and three households outdoors. These combined households should agree to socialize only with each other and are your “stable group.” Don’t go shopping, have meals, get coffee, or take part in other social activities with people outside this group. Wear your mask and watch your distance even in your stable group. Learn more about how to protect your household

Travel Quarantine Updates

If you've recently arrived in Rhode Island from outside the 50 states or DC or from a hot spot within the 50 states or DC, you must quarantine for 10 days. If you traveled from outside the 50 states or DC and have a negative result from a test taken at least 5 days after you arrived, you may shorten quarantine to 7 days. If you traveled from a hot spot within the 50 states or DC, you can end quarantine with a negative test result. Learn more at

Wear the Right Mask

Your mask should fit snugly but comfortably over your nose, mouth, and chin without any gaps. 

  • Great protection: N-95, KN-95,or KF-94 mask
  • Good protection: Medical procedure (paper) mask that fits
  • OK protection: Cloth mask made of a tightly woven, breathable fabric that's at least two layers thick and fits

Learn more about different masks

COVID-19 Info Line

Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Phone: 401-222-8022
After hours: Call 211

Submit COVID-19 Complaint
Information for Healthcare Providers

COVID-19 Job Opportunities

If you want to join our COVID-19 response team, review this complete list of immediate COVID-19 related job openings and apply for one today.

Serology Testing Program

The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) is conducting serology testing beginning February 22, 2021 and running through March 12, 2021. Testing includes people who have already had COVID-19 or those who have already been vaccinated.  Learn more about this serology testing program.

COVID-19 Periodic Briefings, Advisories, and Updates

Weekly press conferences, held on Thursdays at 1PM, are streamed on Capitol Television.

Are you interested in receiving any of RIDOH’s regularly published communications? For a complete listing of archives and to be added to our distribution lists visit our new webpage.

Latest Executive Orders


Masks are required any time you’re in a public place, whether indoors or outdoors, unless a mask exception applies. Learn more about mask requirements

Social Gatherings

All public and private social gatherings, including holidays, parties, and celebrations, are limited to the members of two households indoors and three households outdoors.

Restaurant Dining

Outdoor dining is allowed and encouraged. Indoor dining is allowed at up to 50% of the restaurant’s regular seating capacity.  Seating at one table is limited to two households per table indoors, and three households per table outdoors, with a maximum of eight people per table. All customers must wear masks when not eating or drinking. 

Catered Events

The capacity limit is 30 people for indoor catered events and 50 people for outdoor catered events. All catered events must have a licensed caterer on-site, pre-event testing for guests, and a designated COVID Event Specialist in attendance.


Remote Work

Office-based businesses are allowed to have up to 33% of workers on-site in-person at one time. Employees who have the ability to work remotely are strongly encouraged to do so.

Indoor and Outdoor Venues of Assembly

Indoor and outdoor venues of assembly, such as convention centers, concert halls, performance venues, and theaters, may operate at up to 40% capacity with a maximum of 125 people. The capacity limit for indoor and outdoor religious and faith-based services is 40% of normal worship space capacity.

Other Indoor and Outdoor Venues

Outdoor recreational or entertainment businesses and historical/cultural establishments that are not venues of assembly may operate at one person per 125 square feet. People must remain 14 feet apart for activities involving singing or performances, such as karaoke, or otherwise six feet apart, from people outside of their household.

Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Indoor Sports Facilities

Gyms, fitness centers, and indoor sports facilities may operate at one person per 125 square feet and must ensure that people stay six feet apart from other people.

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