Information about COVID-19 Test Results

If you were tested for COVID-19 in the State of Rhode Island, you can access an official record of your result at You will be asked to enter your personal information and the date you were tested. If you try to access this portal before your results are ready or if the information you enter does not match the record, you will get an error message.

This user guide has step-by-step instructions for accessing results on the portal.

If you were tested at a respiratory clinic or at a workplace or community testing event, you may need to contact the location where you were tested for a copy of your result.

RIDOH Letter Requests: Rhode Islanders who need to provide verification of their quarantine status, isolation status, or test results may request a letter by submitting this online form. Letters will be sent by email and are usually ready in 72 hours.  Instructions  Types of Letters  

When will my Test Results be Ready?

  • Test result turnaround time depends on several factors, including the type of test you received, the laboratory conducting the testing, and the time a specimen is collected and transported to the lab. Test results may be delayed for several reasons. For example, if the specimen is sent to an out-of-state commercial lab, labeled incorrectly, or information is missing, this could delay the processing time.
  • Rapid test results from State sites are ready in the same day. PCR test results are ready between 24 and 48 hours after you were tested.
    • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, stay at home and isolate yourself to avoid spreading your symptoms to others while you are waiting for your test results. For more information about quarantine and isolation, visit this page.
  • For rapid testing, go to and schedule an appointment for a BinaxNOW test at one of several locations across the State. Locations that offer BinaxNOW rapid testing are noted on the self-scheduling portal. Free rapid testing is also available at community test sites. Appointments are not required at these locations and results are ready in the same day. 

How can I get a Copy of my BinaxNOW Rapid Test Results?

  • If you received a BinaxNOW rapid test at a State-run site, you can access an official record of your result on
  • If you were tested at a K-12 school or workplace, the Department of Health may not have a record of your result.
    • The State does not directly operate testing programs that take place in K-12 schools and workplaces. As a result, some workplace or school-based testing programs only report positive results to the Department of Health. 
    • It is the responsibility of the school or employer to communicate results to you and to tell you that an official report will not be available if you test negative.
    • If you would like to have an official report of a negative result from a testing program held at a school or workplace, talk to your school or employer and ask them to report more detailed information about negative results to RIDOH. 
    • If you need an official record of a COVID-19 test result, you can schedule a free test through the State’s COVID-19 testing program at

What Happens If I Test Positive?

If you test positive for COVID-19, stay home (isolate) for at least 10 days. The Rhode Island Department of Health will call you within a few days. If you learn that you are positive for COVID-19 before RIDOH calls you, take action right away.

Someone with COVID-19 needs to isolate even if they do not have symptoms. Do not wait for RIDOH to call you to start making changes in your life and your daily routine.

If any of your symptoms get worse, call your healthcare provider.

What Happens If I Test Negative?

If your test result is negative, you probably were not infected at the time your sample was collected. A negative test result only means that you did not have COVID-19 at the time of testing. 

If you start having any symptoms of COVID-19 after the test, call your healthcare provider and ask if you should be tested again.

Even if your test result is negative, continue to protect your household from COVID-19.