COVID-19 Periodic Briefings, Advisories, and Updates

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  • COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Advisories: Published multiple times each week; includes specific clinical information about vaccine recommendations, educational resources, and vaccine supply and distribution details for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists
  • COVID-19 Provider Briefing: Published weekly on Thursdays; includes clinical guidance, recommendations, and links to scientific research and findings
  • COVID-19 Partner Briefing: Published weekly on Fridays; includes general information about COVID-19 prevention, testing, and treatment and links to community and educational resources
  • COVID-19 Updates for Dental Providers: Published on an as-needed basis; includes new and updated guidance, best practices, educational resources for dental providers
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Archives only.  This periodical has been merged with the Partner Briefing.


COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Advisories

COVID-19 Provider Briefings

COVID-19 Partner Briefings

COVID Dental Updates

COVID-19 Vaccine Update (archives only)

This periodical has been merged with the Partner Briefing.