Food Sites for Children

Due to the closure of schools, free "Grab and Go" meals are available for children throughout Rhode Island. New sites are still being added so please check back or contact your school district or charter school for more options.

At the vast majority of these sites, anyone aged 18 or under who shows up gets a free meal. Some food sites are only providing meals to students who are enrolled in that school/district. These sites have a note under the Time section indicating any restrictions. Some sites now allow parents to pick up meals on behalf of their child, but only if their child attends one of the sites on this list that is indicated with an asterisk (*) after the Location name. Parents should be prepared to validate their connection to the student and in some cases ID may be required. Please check with the individual site for its pickup requirements. 

Youth under the age of 18 are still able to receive meals from any of the open sites on this list as long as they are present for the pick up, even if they do not attend that school.

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Available Food Sites for Children