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Requirement for Immunization Against COVID-19 for All Licensed Healthcare Workers

The Rhode Island Department of Health requires that all employees, interns, and volunteers in RIDOH-licensed healthcare facilities and all RIDOH-licensed healthcare providers must receive their final dose of COVID-19 vaccine by October 1, 2021, effective August 18.

The regulation applies to all individuals who work in RIDOH-licensed health care facilities and all licensed healthcare providers, whether they work in a licensed facility or not. "Healthcare worker" means any person who is temporarily or permanently employed by or at, or who serves as a volunteer in, or has an employment contract with, a RIDOH-licensed healthcare facility, and has or may have direct contact with a patient in that health care facility. “Healthcare provider” means any person licensed by RIDOH to provide or otherwise lawfully providing health care services.

Prior to October 1, any worker in a RIDOH-licensed healthcare facility who is not vaccinated is required to wear a face mask and be tested at least twice weekly. All RIDOH-licensed healthcare providers who are not vaccinated and do not work in a RIDOH-licensed healthcare facility are required to wear a mask during patient interaction.

All RIDOH-licensed healthcare providers who are not vaccinated by October 1st may be subject to financial penalties and/or suspension/revocation of their license (unless they provide proof of a medical exemption).

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