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CRUSH COVID RI is a COVID-19 pandemic response app that provides Rhode Islanders with easy access to all of the resources required during the public health crisis, and includes features such as a location diary and symptom diary.

All Rhode Islanders are encouraged to use the CRUSH COVID RI app and take an active role in slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Rhode Island.  You can make a difference in the health of your loved ones and your community by helping us track the virus in our state.

Download the CRUSH COVID RI app now to step up and help RI #CrushCovidRI.

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How does CRUSH COVID RI work?

CRUSH COVID RI is a one-stop place to get all the information you need about COVID-19 in Rhode Island. It also has two features you can use to help everyone in the community.

The My Location Diary feature uses GPS location data that is already available from your phone to help you easily track the places you visited over the past 20 days. All data will be stored locally on your device. It is only shared when you voluntarily decide to share it. If you test positive for COVID-19, and you agree to share this information with the Rhode Island Department of Health, they can quickly identify places you went and people you were in contact with and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The My Symptom Diary feature lets you tell us if you have any symptoms and only asks you to provide your zip code. If you submit this quick survey daily, it will help give us early indicators of COVID-19 spread in certain zip codes so we can respond by doing things like setting up testing sites in that area.

Help us improve the app!

While our team has worked hard to ensure that this app will meet the needs of Rhode Islanders and that it works well, we are always looking to improve. We’re asking Rhode Islanders to be our beta testers - download the app, try it out and give us your feedback. Tell us what you like and don’t like and what could be working better. We want to hear from you.

If you have comments or suggestions, please fill out this form.

Together we can #CrushCovidRI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the links to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

My Location Diary provides an automatic log of the places you have been in the past 20 days. The data collected on your phone is only viewable and accessible by you. You get to decide when to share your information with the RI Department of Health and will give specific consent for the sharing of your My Location Diary. The My Location Diary feature will keep a record of locations where you spent more than 10 minutes to help you remember anyone you've come into contact with.

If you test positive for COVID-19, your lab results will be shared with the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH), who will contact you with information about how to isolate yourself and protect those around you. At that time, you may choose to share your My Location Diary information to help determine all the people you may have come in contact with. Locations you have chosen not to include and any notes will not be shared and are completely private. You get to decide if you want to share this information. By sharing, RIDOH staff may be able to help you determine friends and family you were in contact with, reach out to them, and provide them with safe recommendations. RIDOH will never share your name with your contacts and will never share your My Location Diary with any third parties, unless they are authorized personnel helping to conduct contact tracing or it is legally required.

My Symptom Diary is a quick, anonymous survey that can help provide early information about the prevalence of COVID-19 symptoms in Rhode Island communities. The information you submit in this anonymous survey will be sent to the Rhode Island Department of Health to be able to analyze how many people have which symptoms each day at the ZIP code level.

By default, your data is stored locally on your phone and not shared with the State. My Location Diary data can only be shared with the Rhode Island Department of Health with your opt-in consent and permission, directly from the app. If you do share your data, it will be stored anonymously on secure servers licensed by the State of Rhode Island.

Staff at the Rhode Island Department of Health who are trained in disease investigations and contact tracing will be able to view your information. The information you share is used to help you remember locations you may have visited and people you may have been in contact with.

Anonymous information you provide to the Rhode Island Department of Health (never including your name, contact number, home, or work address) could be used to better understand where the disease may be spreading. For example, if there is a location (e.g. a supermarket) where 20 other people also became positive in the same timeframe, that location may need to be closed and sanitized. The information will only be used for public health purposes, specifically identifying the spread of COVID-19 in Rhode Island.

Yes. You can delete the app or the location data in the app at any time. Any location data older than 20 days is automatically deleted from your phone.

No personally identifiable information is stored in the CRUSH COVID RI app. If you choose to share My Location Diary data and share your app ID with personnel at the Rhode Island Department of Health, personnel will be able to see the shared copy of My Location Diary associated with you specifically. Locations you have chosen not to include and any notes will not be shared and are completely private. This is only a one-time share and no future data is shared unless you click the Share My Location Diary button again. The data is stored on a secure server and authorized personnel working on behalf of the Rhode Island Department of Health will have access to your location data only for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes.

You as the user own the data stored on the phone. Any data sent by you to the State (by sharing My Location Diary or submitting a symptom survey) is owned by Rhode Island Department of Health.

No, the data is owned by the Rhode Island Department of Health and will never be sold.

Locations are only tracked if you spent at least 10 minutes at the location, and will not show up in the list until a couple of minutes after you leave the location. If you are still missing locations, please check out these tips for location accuracy to see if settings on your phone can improve the tracking.

In order to preserve battery life, My Location Diary may mark a location nearby the correct location. As a reminder, your locations will only be used by RI Department of Health (RIDOH) staff during contact tracing and you will be able to talk to the RIDOH staff on the phone to correct the address. The main purpose of My Location Diary is to help jog your memory. Add a note to the location to help you remember.

Sometimes interference can cause issues with the location accuracy, such as if you are in a building with a metal roof. In this instance, it is possible that during the day your phone may think you are in a different location for a period of time. In this scenario you can uncheck the “include” box in the location’s notes to make sure the incorrect location is not shared.

Using your phone to track locations throughout the day is battery intensive and is to be expected. More battery will be used in locations with more interference, such as buildings with metal roofs. Looking at your map is very battery intensive, so if possible make sure to reduce time on the map or go back to the home screen when not using the app (i.e. do not leave the map open in the background).

CRUSH COVID RI works best on the following phones:

iPhone Users:
iPhone 7 or newer
iOS 11.x or newer

Android Users:
Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10 Plus (Android 9 or Above)
Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/S9 Plus (Android 8 or Above)
Pixel Series (Android 8 and Above)